Custom Minting

Custom Minting

See your concept or image transformed on any silver, gold, platinum, or non-precious metal minted product you choose. ARM’s talented staff of artists is committed to the highest standards of workmanship from design, to model, to engraving.
We ensure that your ideas and artwork are beautifully transformed onto any minted product you may choose. Our team of artists and craftsmen work closely with the customer to see their vision transformed into a lasting piece of artwork. Our years of extensive knowledge and experience stand ready to assist our clients in the initial design and idea phase through to a stunning finished product.

Design & Engraving

Idea Design

Our staff of artisans is committed to the highest industry standards in helping you capture your idea in beautiful minute detail. Once you approve the artwork, a model sculpt of your design is created by hand.

Artwork & Design Services

Digital artwork is helpful, but not necessary. Business cards, drawings, photographs, or your roughly sketched concept help to provide direction for our artists Digital images such as a JPEG TIFF file should be 6” X 6” minimum with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.


The engraving process allows all of the minute detail from the sculpt to be transformed and reduced to specially tailored soft-metal dies. The dies are then heat-treated, hardened, and polished in preparation for final embossing /coining.

Creating a Lasting Custom Piece of Art

Custom created medallions and bars can increase in value throughout the years and can also become heirlooms, as well as collectors’ items. Our custom minted products can be used for:

  • Fund raisers
  • Business cards
  • Awards
  • Employee anniversaries and incentives
  • Promotional and advertising events
  • Visitor souvenirs or Redeemable tokens
  • Corporate gifting
  • Commemoratives and Keepsakes
  • Personal anniversaries and Religious or inspirational items

Artwork for custom pieces often include:

  • Company Logos
  • Landscapes or Architecture
  • Animals, People or Symbols
  • Portraits or Landmarks

The quality standards of surface finishing which can be requested are:

  • Proof
  • Proof-like
  • Brilliant Un-circulated (BU)

Other options are available on request and can include serial numbering, edge lettering or edge numbering, and sequential marking on the edge or face of the piece.


We offer a wide array of packaging alternatives designed to meet any budget or taste, some of which include:

  • Clear plastic flips
  • Acrylic capsules
  • Leatherette boxes
  • Lucite stands
  • Lucite embedding
  • Wood Boxes
  • CNC machined cases
  • Velvet cases
  • Printed packaging

Timeline & Cost

When we receive your design ideas, an account representative will provide you with the exact cost of your dies. Die costs range from $400 to $1350 per side and are dependent on design details. Sculpting of the plaster model begins when you approve the layout artwork and a minimum of 50% of the total die cost is received. Usually the timeline for completion of your medallions is 4 to 6 weeks.

Metal Supply

Terms and conditions with regard to metal supply depend on current market prices or alternatively metal can be supplied by the customer. Please contact us for details.

Sample Custom Medallion Work