Silver Blanks

Blanks – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and other Alloys

ARM produces high quality precious metal blanks for Governments and Private Mints around the globe. Although we specialize in 999+ fine silver and 9999+ fine gold blanks, we can also provide blanks in platinum, various precious metals and base metal alloys, such as nickel, bronze, and copper.

Standard blank products are available in a wide range of sizes. We are also happy to provide custom sized blanks according to our clients’ requirements. Additional blanking services include annealing, rimming, polishing, and burnishing, as required by the customer. Our use of high quality and certified materials ensures exacting finished products preferred by some of the most demanding and knowledgeable customers around the world.

Blank Metal Composition

ARM supplies blanks in the following metal compositions:

  • GOLD – 9999 Fine Gold, 22 Karat Gold, 18 Karat Gold, and 14 Karat Gold
  • SILVER – 999 Fine Silver, 925 Silver and 900 Silver
  • BASE METAL – Copper, Bronze, Brass, Nickel Silver and Silver plated Base Metal.

Blank Surface Finishing

The quality of the surface finish requested is based on industry standards. In general blanks should be free from blisters, porosity and laminations which would adversely affect the quality of the coined product.

The terms and definitions used to describe and establish the surface characteristics and requirements for minted products are:

Ball Polished
Blanks with a bright surface, lightly textured on both sides. This finish is achieved through a wet tumbling operation using polished stainless steel media and specific chemicals. These blanks can be used for proof and proof-like coins and medallions
Blanks with a shiny surface and a visible textured peening finish which is achieved through a wet vibratory operation; normally with stainless steel media and specific chemicals. These blanks can be used for proof-like and high quality un-circulated coins and medallions.
As Rolled
Blanks with a uniform finish achieved during the final rolling stages without further mechanical or chemical surface treatments. These blanks can be used for un-circulated and bullion coins.


Shop loading and product mix at time of ordering may have some impact on capacity. However the following illustrates our typical capacity for the production of a one (1) ounce blank. Please contact us with your requirements.

Silver, 1 ounce

  • 999 Silver – 1,000 to 200,000 per week
  • 925 Silver – 1,000 to 50,000 per week
  • 900 Silver – 1,000 to 150,000 per week

Gold, 1 ounce

  • 9999 Gold – 1,000 to 25,000 per week
  • 22 Kt Gold – Please call
  • 18 Kt Gold – Please call

Base Metal

  • Various alloys – Please call

Metal Supply

Terms and conditions with regard to metal supply depend on current market prices or alternatively metal can be supplied by the customer. Please contact us for details.